“Redefining the world by bringing together creative minds”

New Delhi has seen a boom in the new art galleries which act as a treat to all the art lovers in Delhi NCR. We will introduce you to the new Art Gallery in Delhi.
Art has the ability to draw in the spirit and show feelings that can’t be said or composed. India has been honoured with splendid craftsmen and works of art. Since old occasions, workmanship models and compositions have been a natural part of Indian culture. India has a deep history of Art be it the famous Ajanta Caves or the marvellous Taj Mahal.


Art Gallery in Delhi

Today, let’s witness a new art gallery in Delhi that launched in 2020 and is all set to roll with the talented artist’s panel in the coming years.

Interstellar Art Gallery, Delhi


Interstellar aims to transform the way art is looked at in the country. Established in 2020, Interstellar believes that Art comes in various forms. Today we have more than 30 artists from different continents around the world. What makes us awesome is that any talented artist can sign up with our gallery and the fact that we advocate for a wide range of artists, both new and established, from the Indian subcontinent and other countries whose work reflects freedom. We exist to promote the idea that art has the power to transcend geographical, cultural, and racial boundaries.



At Interstellar, we have a team of art collectors, curators and investors constantly looking for talented artists. We are constantly hosting workshops, art camps, talk shows and seminars and have made a landmark success in promoting Indian contemporary art at the global level. Interstellar Art Gallery opened up in Ghitorni, New Delhi and also setting up in New York, USA. Most of our works are to promote the addition of more colours in the lives of people through paintings, sculptures, printmaking, and graphics to new media like conceptual art, video art, installations and experimental art. We provide art buyers with a variety of collections from different categories to choose from.


We started with elite artists on the panel including big names such as Vishal Joshi, Ankon Mitra, Pragya Jain, Dharmender Rathore, Manish Barodia, Savya Jain, Maneesha Alhawat and many more, Now, in 2021 we extend our support to many young and emerging artist talent such as Palak Modi, Aditya Chawla, Sana Dang, Neeti Aggarwal, Kapil Vadhera and much more.

Our International Artists include names such as Maria Buduchick, Carl Yonder, Shane Drever, Antonette Loon etc. We aim to provide artworks in all the price and category ranges.

Interstellar Art Gallery in Delhi has a beautiful space where many young art lovers can visit to get inspired. We host workshops and exhibitions to promote the love for art in Delhi NCR.
Be it contemporary fine art, figurative or abstract paintings or sculptures, mixed media, oil on canvas or etching, this Art Gallery in Delhi works towards the integration of the artist’s community and making stunning artworks accessible to all.


Visit Interstellar Art Gallery in Delhi.