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DLF Cyberhub, Gurgaon

COSMIC Art Exhibition at Cyberhub.

Interstellar in collaboration with Samarpan Artz hosted an art exhibition COSMIC on the 20th & 21st of November at DLF Cyberhub, Gurugram.

With the intent to promote contemporary arts, we presented artists with diverse backgrounds. Both painting & sculpture works will be exhibited and curated.

The exhibit was witnessed by more than 30000 people throughout the weekend. We would like to thank Samarpan Artz
and DLF Cyberhub for supporting us during the course of the exhibit.


09th OCTOBER 2021 – 14TH nOVEMBER 2021

Interstellar Art Gallery To Present Major Exhibition Of Pop Artworks by Emerging artists.

Interstellar Art Gallery will open its doors to the “LEMONADE” pop art exhibition on 9th October 21 from 6:30 pm onwards through 14th Nov 21.

A bright and colourful exhibition featuring work from emerging 10 pop artists such as Rex Williams, Aditya Chawla, Naman Jaggi, Iqrut Kataria and many more. The exhibition presents Pop art as a movement that is at turns celebratory, critical, and probing in its message. It reveals the energetic exchange that contributed to a reimagining of art’s relationship to societies in flux.

This show isn’t about pop art you know, it’s about the pop art that escaped the history books. And it certainly packs a punch. It’s fun, engaging, colourful, revelatory, opinionated, racy and stunning. Most importantly the show illuminates how pop wasn’t confined to Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York or Richard Hamilton’s studio in London – it was a phenomenon that reached much further, practised by artists in Peru, Israel, Argentina, Japan, Brazil and Eastern Europe and now India.

Pop proves to be a truly universal language, one that gives artists the impetus to create works that are as stimulating intellectually as they are visual. No longer will these artists be footnotes to the Anglo-American pop-art story because here, rightly, they take centre stage. It will certainly be a show not to be missed. All artworks are priced affordable and can be a steal for your home or office decor and make up for a perfect gift.


20TH MARCH 2021

Opening 20th March 21, the exhibition channels the inherent dualities of our human existence, obscuring boundaries and emphasising tensions. Exploring the relationship between the binaries of reality and fantasy, the intangible and the tangible, the exhibition delves into an uncharted space in both society and the human psyche, inviting viewers into a realm that challenges both perception and paradigms.
Featuring an array of unique artists local to Delhi, India the exhibition presents a collection of work that is by definition and interpretation, in a perpetual state of flux. Emergence is the rise of a new era of art culture in India. The rise of expression and freedom and breaking boundaries and an underlying sense of hope at its core.


The exhibition had artists – Surinder & Sangita Marwah, Vishal Joshi, Manish Barodia, Dharmendra Rathore, Sanjay Chakraborty, Ankon Mitra, Maneesha Alhawat, Pragya Jain, Renu Khandelwal, Sonu Sandhu, Pooja Aggarwal & Savya Jain.


Exhibition ending on 30 April 2021.


14TH MARCH 2020

On the day, we marked the opening for our dream project.

What Makes Us Awesome.

Interstellar is an art gallery that showcases beautiful artworks by a variety of unique artists. At this art space in Ghitorni, you will find artworks and installations by artists who mostly are into modern and contemporary art. Art forms like prints, paintings, and sculptures made in bronze, metal, kinetic installations, are all eloquently displayed at Interstellar.

Curated by Iqrut Kataria, the Interstellar gallery is referred to as an “art breathing space”. The motive of the gallery is to popularise, educate, and make art approachable to not just artists, but common folks like you, and me.


Our very first exhibition. Delhi now has a new art gallery, but one with a difference from the rest of the galleries in the city. The space will showcase fine art creations with which you can beautify your home and also display a variety of functional art pieces such as vases, lamp shades, cheese platters, mugs etc. Called Interstellar – Art Breathing Space, the gallery opened doors on 13th March 2020 on MG Road, with the launch of a group art show. Participating artists include known names such as Ankon Mitra, Vishal Joshi, Nupur Kundu, Anjana Kapoor, Mohit Bhatia, Maneesha Ahlawat, Sonu Sandhu, Surinder and Sangita Marwah, Gopesh Sethi and Dashmeet Singh.



23RD – 31ST JANUARY, 2020

Visual Art Gallery and Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


23rd -31st January, 2020




Artists from India and Bangladesh


Lubna Sen, India

Nisar Hossain, Bangladesh


Ananda Moy Banerji

Dattatreya Apte

Kavita Nayar

Moti Zharotia

Sushanta Guha