Hidetaka Suzuki

Tokyo, Japan



Hidetaka Suzuki was born in 1986 in Hokkaido Japan,
and currently lives and works in Tokyo.

He graduated from the Musashino Art University. He is a painter but also a front-end engineer.

His work won the Golden Acrylics Award at GEISAI#13,
which was held by Takashi Murakami.

He participates in group exhibitions at NANZUKA and exhibitions sponsored by startbahn.

With his identity as a web engineer and a painter, he creates paintings on the theme of image preservation from images collected from the Internet.


It is important for me to paint images that are outside of
myself. In order to take in the unexpected and look at the
subject from a new perspective.

In my paintings, there is a definite object in view. However, I try to obscure the parts that can be denied by words, such as names, situations, and meanings. By doing so, I And an image that I have never seen before in and the image that I have seen before.

I want to give form to these images in the form of paintings. It is a desire to own images that I and interesting, and to express and preserve the faint sense of discomfort in everyday life.

– Hidetaka Suzuki

Selected Works



2021 Absence of both / second 2., Tokyo
2015 Lighthouse vol.10 planed by Seiji Amashige, Hidetaka Suzuki “What you wanted to see was surely what I would like to see” / switch point, Tokyo


2021 Together through Painting, London Club,  Online

2019 FUJISANTEN e Giant Leap / Takarada studio, Tokyo
2018 ASSEMBLY / AWAJI Cafe & Gallery, Toyko
2016 Morning Star #01 / NANZUKA , Tokyo

2014 Graduation Works Exhibition / Musashino Art University, Tokyo

2013 Shell Art Award Exhibition / The National Art Center, Tokyo

2011 SapporoMirai 10th Exhibition / Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art





2009 Golden Acrylics prizes / GESIAI#13
2013 Shell Art Award 2013