Jersey City, United States & New Delhi, India

Rise and shine
iqrut kataria

About the Artist

Thanks to his creative lifestyle, he always used to collect experiences wherever he used to go. On a cold winter night, Iqrut and a couple of his friends sitting in the cosy corner of his bedroom were discussing how the business mindset has changed over the years. This was the time to diversify into something you love for our better future. they all agreed, getting into what matters to your heart was always a top priority for iqrut. That day, a new dream was born. An effort that took birth to satisfy the hunger for creativity. Extension to which he decided to follow his passion as a designer or as an artist, as a person who could feel free to express his thoughts through art & Design.


Iqrut was always a creative person until he realised his true love for art and design when he was 33 years old after his various stunts into being a businessman, working for MNC and studying engineering and MBA into totally different fields. But like he always say, it’s never too late. He decided to start his journey through an art gallery which he opened in New Delhi, India in 2020. Later next year his creativity bloomed and he started experimenting with his thoughts creating paintings, sculptures and installations and combining all with tech in some way or the other.


Iqrut being a self-taught artist as he feels, technology has come a long way and we all should use it to express ourselves in art as well. Creating artwork on themes based on social evils which still prevail in our society in all his artwork. His aim is to spread the message of positivity and the true sense of living life through his artworks. His artistic process is in great part guided by the physical qualities of the materials, their textures, forms and colours; and informed by concepts of life as a subject matter. He feels we all are going to live in a meaningless world in the future and it’s our duty to make our lives better. Focusing on deforestation, live fires and many other environment-related issues are always in his mind. He focuses on sustainability and always looking for ways towards creating a better future for generations to come.


Iqrut’s knowledge in engineering has helped him create stunning high end finished tech based artworks which are still rare to see in India as of now. Going forward, you will see many of his creations in galleries in India and abroad. His burning desire is to live a life with creative freedom as an artist to spread awareness for a sustainable future for all lifeforms.


He is based in New York, United States and travels to India more often and he truly believes India is the most beautiful county he has seen by far. He stays with his wife Megha who is working with Citigroup in New York.
Ikrut is an army kid with schooling all across India in Army schools, pursued in Marine engineering from MIT Pune India, MBA in finance before starting his journey in business.

His USP is Abstract and Mixed media art style as it gives him full freedom to express himself without any limitation and boundary.

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