Majo Pino

Paris, France


My name is Majo Pino, I was born in Santiago de Chile in 1982, and I currently live in Paris, France, a city that constantly inspires and nourishes me.

Art has always been a part of my story. I have always been dedicated to creating, painting and developing expressions, which allowed me to show what is part of me: Painting.

The idea of making this a profession was always present.

It was in 2018 that I decided to dedicate myself totally to art, after an unexpected health accident made me connect with myself, with time and life.


Artist Statement

Majo Pino’s artworks show sensations, capture moments, illustrate them and freeze them. She is interested in painting out and highlighting their trivialities, which can often be encountered in everyday life situations. It attracts her, it moves her.


The compositions she creates take into account mostly the human body and the human experience. In this sense, it is of great importance to her to render their movements; diversities, differences and sensitivities. She is thrilled when focusing on every detail of an expression, a form, a gesture, an incipient emotion, showing “A throbbing nostalgia”, and making others feel part of the painting and this moment.


Her works seek to express primarily “The loneliness in a vibrant immensity”.

Majo Pino creates her style with a dose of classic art mixed with modern trends, showing a figurative work with incipient touches of realism.


In her artworks, to can appreciate the different saturated colors and the drastic changes between lights and shadows also an intense and short brushstroke, leaving the possibility of appreciating each movement of this.

She believes there is art in everyday life, and there is intensity in simplicity.

She captures, interprets, and does not let any moment slip by her.

Selected Works


July-August 2021

Auction in benefit of “ Unicef ” – Santiago, Chile.


January 2021

Exhibition at “International Contemporary Art Fair” Art3F – Paris, France.


November 2020

Exhibition at “Van Gogh Art Gallery” -Madrid, España.


September 2020

Exhibition at “Art Marbella 2020” – Marbella, España.


July 2020

Constant Exhibition at “Normal Art Gallery” – Santiago, Chile.


October 2020

Interview at Art Podcast“Mr. William Podcast” – Latin America.

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May 2020

Interview at “Loop Art Magazine” – Argentina.


June 2020

Publication at Cultural Magazine “Chilean French Institute” -Chile.

2000 Chosen for the inaugural class, “Emerge2000,” Aljira, Newark, NJ; selected by Richard Klein, assistant director, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT