Maria Buduchikh

Moscow, Russia

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About the Artist

Maria Buduchikh is a conceptual artist, rebel and discoverer.
In addition, she is a popularizer of contemporary art in Russia. Last year, together with a group of art historians, she recorded the course “How to understand (fall in love) with contemporary art?” In addition, Maria is a deep and interesting person who conquers thousands of people with her simple sense of humour and attitude to life. On her youtube channel, she shares her thoughts and her insights on the difficult road of an artist.


“I finished the prestigious university in Moscow – High School of Economics.
At the age of 23th organized the manufacture of loft furniture. Then in 25, she started to develop herself like an artist.
In 2020 she, together with a team of art historians, developed a course on contemporary art. At the moment, she is not only an artist with a very delicate taste but also a popularizer of art in Russia. Moreover, over the years, she has formed her vision and concept, which will soon result in a book.”

Selected Works


Solo Exhibition:

2020 personal exhibition “Kuznetskii most
2020 personal exhibition in the “Garage”
2020 personal exhibition “Narzan Gallery”, Pyatigorsk.
2020 АРХ МОСКВА 25-я Международная выставка архитектуры и дизайна Moscow, Россия
2019 Artbox.Miami Miami, Россия
2019 ArtBox Zurich Zurich, Россия
2019 Prisma art prize Rome, Россия

Group Exhibition:

2020 АРХ МОСКВА 25-я Международная выставка архитектуры и дизайна Moscow, Russia

2019 Artbox.Miami Miami, Russia

2019 ArtBox Zurich Zurich, Russia

2019 Prisma art prize Rome, Russia


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