New Delhi, India

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Naman Jaggi has a multidisciplinary approach in the field of arts. He doesn’t categorise himself to be an artist working in a perticular medium or form, his passion for Art and creativity has a transcend approach.
His art practice involves mediums like mixed media, oils and Acrylics on canvas and panels. His forte in painting began very early at the age of 3, and later turned a hobby which further made him understand his passion for the same.
His multidisciplinary approach can be well asserted with his series of 11 paper collage creative layout works which are based on the concept of Gender inclusiveness and expressions of
abstract senses. The series follows 11 distinctive works which brain stromingly are created with magazine paper cuts as a medium.

His latest 2021 oil and mixed media on canvas titled NANDI also involves a play with magazine paper collage, making the same one his most remarkable pieces.
The Vintage Rust, 2020 is a yet another oil on Canvas having a vintage setting adding aesthetics to mundane. His action abstract is made with multiple textures of acrylics and alum rocks on canvas marking a yet another creative pieceto his credit.


With my art, I want to convey beauty with a perspective. A perspective of life, surroundings, the greys in human emotions, the vulnerability of the mankind, strength, power and most importantly, equality. It’s a conscious effort to have a free flow of thoughts, emotions and Beauty with creative palette.
Being from a background in Law, I am well aware of what equality holds for each and every living being on earth, something that people have been devoid with since ages. The Universe is created with a unique manifestation of Brahma, hence is called Brahmanda in Hindi. We, the homosapiens are one of the tiny elements of this unique manifestation and hence are all equals.
With my recent 2021 collection, Expressions of Abstract senses, a series of 11 portraitures in paper collage, I have been able to visually depict the ideology of equality among the mankind. The series revolves around the subject of Gender inclusiveness, neutrality, pride, breaking stereotypes with a creative lens of being equal. The series includes works in distorted portraitures with a sense of abstract expressions with mixed- matched elements crisply cut with precision.
Mixed Media with Paper collage has a big influence on my art practice and hence NANDI- 2021 came to life. A visual representation of valour, courage, strength with a lens of beauty, keeping a bull as a subject.
I don’t categorise myself working in a particular medium or an artist working on a particular subject, I rather have a multidisciplinary approach towards arts and hence would keep on experimenting with new mediums, forms and subjects in the field of visual arts. I aim to be bigger and better in terms of my art practice each day. Arts allows you to breath and take a moment to introspect, to know your surroundings better and to keep up with the spirits. I was meant to paint and hence would keep up with it till the end of time.

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