Mumbai, India


I am Pooja Bansal, born and brought up in New Delhi, India, and currently residing in the city of Mumbai, India. I had been a Corporate professional for 15 years in leading companies like Vodafone in India, and Ernst & Young in Dubai, until I decided to quit my corporate career in early 2018, to follow my passion towards art.

I started my art venture by the name of Artiques and created a niche for myself through my art works on sustainable hard surfaces like wood, concrete, and glass. Antiques, aims to provide customized art works and commission works on surfaces other than just canvases.

My signature work is on old doors and windows, and wooden panels, which come from old havellies, palaces and houses of Rajasthan, South India and Mumbai’s chawls., mills, slums etc. which are being fast replaced by the high-rises. As well as the sleeper wood from old Indian Railways. I repurpose and retrofit these wooden pieces, and use them as canvas for my paintings. Along with my love for old architecture, it is also an attempt towards a cyclical economy and sustainable art.

Selected Works


Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai in 2018 and 2019

Gallery Weekend in Mumbai in 2018

FOAID 2019 in BKC, Mumbai

D/Code 2020 in India


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