Pragya Jain

Banglore, India


About the Artist

Pragya Jain, a graduate of the Delhi College of Art, New Delhi, has been evolving as an artist in the Fine Art field since 2001. Her works have been commended and appreciated since her student days. In High School, she was awarded by the President of India for excellence in Fine Art. Pragya’s first solo exhibition in Bangalore, India held in November 2009 brought her great appreciation and various art opportunities. Her works belong in several collections and art connoisseur such as the Jindals and the Prestige group in India to name a few.


A creative and thinking artist par excellence, Pragya made a flying start into art with her maiden art showing at the Polka Art Gallery, New Delhi. Her works were handpicked to be exhibited with a number of Indian masters. At a later showing at Art Mall, New Delhi, Pragya made her acquaintance with art collectors, whose discerning eyes spotted the potential and promise her works held. Today, her works are in the homes, offices of major collectors and million dollar apartment models all over India. Having showed her works at prestigious galleries in New York, Boston and various other cities within the United States had given her artistic career an immense stimulation.

She is a volunteer at charitable organizations that assist homeless people and also provide them a space to learn and create art. Pragya has been involved in teaching these struggling children and adults about the basics of art and then helped them showcase their works. The proceeds from the sales have given back a sense of purpose to the hapless. She is also the Vice President of the Pioneer Valley Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art, United States, that is a Non- Profit Women’s art organization with a backing from the United Nations.

The pristine lines of determined geometry that adorn her canvases are favored by viewers for their clean contours. Her colour palette ranges from sharp black and white contrasts to a fine merger of contiguous blends. The imposition of a ballerina in motion on the surface suggests a mood of well-being, harmony and lyricism. Fascinated by the drama of opposites attracted towards each other, Pragya reveals an entirely different personality in other works, where the squared segments box in her ideas into compartmented cellular arrangements, suggesting a narrative born of questioning, statements on current trends, and the need to focus on issues in a systematic manner.

The growth pattern in her art is visible through a striving to explore. They reveal her findings through colors, design, and evocative imagery being integrated into a vision of grace, spirituality and happiness. It is abstract works of Kandinsky and his devotion to inner beauty, fervor of spirit, deep spiritual desire and inner necessity that inspires her subjects, colors and forms. Vibrant, bright colors and internal spiritual contexts make up Pragya’s art. Looking out for fellow artists is another important aspect that drives her art. Pragya’s aspires to be known as a visionary optimistic artist down the path of life.


Art is meant to arouse the senses and stir the spirit. It’s meant to visually stimulate the observer through colors, patterns, textures, and words and to inspire and to create contemplation, and this is my intent whenever I create a piece of art. I paint subjects that stay with me after a conversation, occurrences and my travel; it’s a blend of calm and chaos. Each section represents an experience. This cluster of fragments come together to create an experience of the colors, emotions and the message that the work may wish to conveys. In my work, the elements are camouflaged, yet obvious once concentered upon. My brain naturally switches to abstraction and fragmentation, bringing a sense of mystery. The soul of each work varies from everything that fascinates me to anything that has stayed in my memory for years. Nevertheless, it’s an optimistic one! I strive for my work to be vibrant, youthful and a testimony of my existence. There is too much disparity around, I would like to give hope and happiness through my work, it exists in the little details such as the choice of colors, or the uplifting running horses or the silhouette of an innocent child. The nucleus of my paintings is in the miracles of nature that sustain life, and evocative imagery being integrated into a vision of grace, spirituality and happiness. 


Selected Works


Solo Exhibition:

2008, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
2009, Sublime Galleria, UB City, Bangalore
2015, Sublime Galleria, UB City, Bangalore
2017, Sublime Galleria, UB City, Bangalore
2018, Gallery Art Chill, Amer Fort, Jaipur
2019, Bangalore International Centre, Bangalore, India


Group Exhibition:

2005, Polka Art Gallery, New Delhi (Show held at Olive Beach)
2010, “Expressions on canvas”, A Jain Marunouchi Gallery, 5th Avenue, New York City
2011, “Stree” (celebrating womanhood), Art Mall, New Delhi
2011, “Safar Transitions”, Bangalore Railways, Karnataka
2011, “Art Bengaluru”, Bangalore Art Festival, UB CITY, Bangalore, Karnataka
2011, “Art Bengaluru Auction”, UB CITY, Bangalore, Karnataka
2011, “Six Summers Monsoons”, a show by 6 young artists, Alliance Francaise, Bangalore
2011, “Expressions on canvas 2”, A Jain Marunouchi Gallery, 5th Avenue, New York City
2012, “Stree” (celebrating womanhood), Art Mall, New Delhi
2012, “Mask Show”, Lalit Kala Academi, New Delhi
2012, “Crest’D Art”, a Godrej Venture, Bangalore
2012, “Bangalore Polo season”, Curated an art show of established contemporary Indian Artists, Army grounds, Bangalore
2012, “Paint for Justice”, Nijh world society at AIFACS, New Delhi
2013, “An Art Affair”, Kala Ghora, Mumbai
2013, “Milange”, Sublime Galleria, UB City, Bangalore
2013, “Art Bengaluru”, Bangalore Art Festival, UB CITY, Bangalore, Karnataka
2013, “Stree” (celebrating womanhood), Art Mall, New Delhi
2013, Three Blind Mice, Colaba, Mumbai
2014, “Art Bengaluru”, Bangalore Art Festival, UB CITY, Bangalore, Karnataka
2014, “Stree” (celebrating womanhood), Art Mall, New Delhi
2015, “Stree” (celebrating womanhood), Art Mall, New Delhi
2017, Hetro-Genius, Whitefield Art Collective, VR Bengaluru, Bangalore
2017, Gallery Artistree, Kemps Corner, Mumbai
2018, India Design, NSCI. Okhla, New Delhi 2018, Gallery Alternatives, Gurgaon
2018, Art Café, Sheraton Grand, Bangalore
2018, Shravanbelagola Art Festival, at Shravanabelagola, Bangalore, Indore, Kolkata & Hyderabad
2018, Contemporary Visions, Gallery 78, Hitech City, Hyderabad
2018, Juneja Art Gallery, Jaipur
2018, “Freedom is in the air”, Museum of Goa, Goa (an exhibit to support the LGBTQ Community)
2019, Surfaces 02, Art Buzz Studios, Okhla New Delhi
2019, Artistic, Modern Art Gallery, Santushti Complex, New Delhi
2019, India Design 19, Okhla, New Delhi
2019, Stree, Art Mall, New Delhi
2019, Inner Voices – Outer Masks, Gallery ArtChill, Amber Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan
2019, Pop Goes the Easel, Artinsic, New Delhi
2019, Russia International Festival – Around the World: Art without Borders, St. Petersburg, Russia
2020, India Design 2020, New Delhi


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