Make it fun

Artist – Shirin Donia

Size – 100 x 140 cm incl. frame
Medium – Acrylic on Mixed Media
Year – 2020

In a time when the world seems fast, confusing, sometimes overwhelming and even evil, you need tremendous strength, a kind of superpower, to be able to hold your own.

By SUPERPOWER is meant the strength that is in everyone. Everyone has a superpower within them, you “just” have to find it and make it available. It’s about self-love, believing in yourself and visualizing your goals and dreams. Implementing them and thus making them one’s own identity. In this way you can create a new reality for yourself, which then becomes a lived reality and create exactly the life you want.

This is not an easy process that happens on the side. But since I am convinced that our true being is made of superpower, it is possible! It is possible to leave one’s old world and enter a new world that. An himself has designed, to dive into.

With this series, I have artistically accompanied my own process and created a series of powerful, expressive and positive statement paintings to share my power and love with the world!


Make it fun

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