Artist – Shirin Donia

Size – 100 x 140 cm incl. frame
Medium – Acrylic painting on mixed media on wood, framed
Year – 2019

This series of paintings is aimed at non-conformists, people whose personal views differ from the masses. Their individual actions or their lifestyle do not correspond to the cultural mainstream. Lateral thinkers, free spirits, different thinkers or just people who dare to swim against the current and show a healthy “F**k you” attitude from time to time. The REBEL series is for all those who don’t have to please the outside world in order to be aware of their own value. Or can just call it a day and sit back with a relaxed “Whatever”. Living their lives as they see fit for themselves.
It is aimed at the rebel in you!

For me, painting this series was a significant step of “artistic free-swimming”. The first paintings of the series were still rather reserved and delicate, the more I painted myself free, the more provocative, even rebellious the motifs became. However, it was important to me to remain authentic and not simply to create “clumsy-provocative” works, but to keep the overall aesthetic effect of the work in mind.

As with the FACADE series, I chose a quick abstract stroke for the realization. Hard contrasts of black, white and neon with lots of dominant typography. The artwork is rocking and rebellious, reminiscent of street art – loud and unmissable. Free for further interpretation.



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Blank Form (#2)