Stylish Dandelions

Artist – Maria Buduchikh

Medium – Acrylic, Wax, Pastel, Colored pencils
Size – 40″ x 27″

Artist Note –

A painting from the new collection of works “Gems”. The viewer does not leave them feeling that these plants appeared on the canvas naturally: maybe the shooting star served as a sprout for these flowers? Otherwise, how to explain the fact that these are not lifeless herbariums, but flowers filled with life. Look at the fragile buds created from the finest crystal. It seems that each individual emits a light vibrating ring as if singing by itself the melody of the native world. And what a subtle, barely perceptible fragrance comes from them: for everyone who hears it, it will become a reminder of something pleasant and distant, as if recalling forgotten joyful details in the form of the fragrance of flowers on the windowsill of my grandmother, or a dish that my mother prepared as a child. The flowers emit light: it bursts out with energy from the depths of the bud. They are ready to light up everything around, charge the audience and light the fire, like people in moments of unprecedented happiness. And it is worth changing the light as their colour changes, reflecting a slight change in mood. It is difficult for flowers to survive loneliness: their buds transform as if they are drawn towards each other. Watching them, you start to think, maybe they are not from another planet at all, but sprouted from the heart of the artist himself?
“Stylish Dandelions” with all their appearance make it clear that not the audience looks at them, but the Dandelions evaluate the viewer.


Stylish Dandelions

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