Rachita Gujral

Delhi NCR, India

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About the Artist

Being a very visual and emotional person, in my shock and wonders of life, incidents, perspectives to environments I grew up in, I found words restricted my self-expression.
Abuse and bullying, miracles and blessings, from abundance of the universe and nature to greed and abuse of men. Words held me back from expressing that properly.

Through the Constant change with nine schools, four colleges, stayed twelve homes in five cities and three countries. I found words to be very limiting.
I found it difficult to communicate with the world outside of me. But schools like Mayo and Shri Ram opened an entirely different world of expression for me through art. I got to work with various mediums and techniques to create, which I soon found theraputic as I had begun to find a voice and finally really speak. I got a degree in product design a diploma in creative advertising and trained under the best potters in the country. My work is a culmination of the tools and techniques and exposure I have had.

My style of work is abstract expressionism. I use colour and it’s psychology to communicate and share my feelings, experiences and perspective. I use texture and splatters to physically give a sense of the intensity of those feelings and Form to hint at the subject.
I use mediums like charcoal, acrylic and alcohol inks.
I use the medium according to the depth and intensity to which will best express what I’m trying to say. And compliment and highlight the form that is my subject. My linework are indicative of the journey to realisation or growth. The layering of my colors are indicative of the times I’ve experienced something or to create perspective.
There is usually a lot of drama and detailing in the chaos. And in nature that I express through my works. I am constantly exploring and pushing my boundaries and the boundaries of my mediums. I take challenges in my life and translate them into my work. Art has always saved me.
And I want my work to To leave a human foot print. Be A symbol of strength and a reminder to be mindful.

Selected Works


2021 Indian Art Festival Virtual

2021 Vulcan art gallery Virtual


Elle Decore, 2021

NDTV Good Times, 2021