Brooklyn, New York

United States

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About the Artist

Rex Williams is a Brooklyn, New York-based young street artist whose critically admired work spans painting, collage and sculptures. His multidisciplinary practice engages the ways in which individuals’ ideals, aspirations, and become attached to specific objects, colours, textures, symbols, and ideologies. His work is focused on pop art and culture in New York City and how the city has adapted itself during the course of so many years through ups and downs.


Rex is a self-taught artist and exhibits on the streets of New York showcasing his work through his colourful life. He was born to African American parents in 1995 in Brooklyn and later lost both his parents in a tragic car crash when he was 5 years old. Since then he has been staying with his aunt Anna in lower Brooklyn. He has been an artist in residency at Brooklyn Art Space and exhibited in various other spaces as well. A small-time artist, who is striving hard to make a big name in the industry got a breakthrough in our gallery when our curator team met him at one of his local street flea markets in New York this year in 2021.


His ideology has impressed not only us but many around him. He believes in using basic materials which are generally left behind and uses his instinct in his sculptures giving out a message every time. As a private person, Rex prefers to keep his identity hidden and likes to communicate through is meaningful art.


Selected Works


2019 Hampton Flee Market, United States

and various others



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