Sapna Jain

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




About the Artist

Art is the fragrance of my existence. I am a self-taught Dubai based Indian artist. To sum up, what art means to me is difficult as I do not see my existence without my colours; the moment I slather the colours on my canvas the entire universe at that moment shrinks to just my canvas, the feeling is ecstatic and spiritual. I started my art journey three years back. Portraits did not inspire me, but I admire portrait artists. I wanted to explore my own style and abstract art naturally inspires me, it evokes a string of emotions.

My works are an exploration of lines and layers of colours, I not only use layers of colours but create a visual of stories and emotions, my work depicts the positive confluence of human emotions- feminism, children and family.

The highlights of my paintings are detailed hairdo and couture in which my characters dress up on the canvas; I have come a long way to consider myself an artist- what defines me as an artist is my ability to articulate my inner voice through art and tell an original story

Art is a very subjective term, and I am glad that I can convey my feelings and emotions through my form. someone once told me don’t leave your style sooner or later the world will recognize you, and here I am with many exhibitions, to my credit from exhibiting in India, London, Dubai and even for royal families to winning awards and selling paintings,

To my happiness, I have sold more than 50 paintings in a span of 3 years and done lots of commission work too. The feedback of my art that my collectors give, inspires me to continue my journey. 

In my view, if you are not lucky enough to have formal art education as I never did, I  would say art cannot be acquired in a certain span of time since it is a process of continuous learning. 

Present-day has evolved so much that the world has started believing in art as a serious profession I would only like to convey that artists spend a lot of time, money and most importantly their soul time it is time we respect them just like doctors and engineers and give them the status of professionals let us do justice to the work of people who not only bring happiness to our life but also add colours to your space.

To me art is the medium of self-expression, beauty in art is a very subjective term neither the viewer nor the translator can be sure of its successful content communication. It is all about creating a different world, it doesn’t try to imitate the world (we have photographs for that). Art has its own universe of symbolism and significance.

Well, to sum up, my art to my viewers, my art charms and inspires, it makes a serene statement and perhaps you will luxuriate in it.

Selected Works


2017 Participated in an exhibition in cartoon art gallery under theme ‘selfless love’

2017 Participated in an exhibition in “the workshop” Jumeirah.

2018 Participated in exhibition trip by Wadhwan 2018

2018 Participated in an exhibition in “Sheraton hotel” Sharjah

2019 Participated in world art Dubai

2019 Participated in an exhibition in Arab cultural society Sharjah


Received second place in “IFA jury awards” 

Featured in “art affairs” (largest circulated art magazine)

Artwork featured on novel cover written by Shri. Pushparthi Atul Srivastva

Featured in and on the cover of the national magazine of UAE – Friday Magazine