Shikha Kaistha

Mumbai, Maharashtra


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About the Artist

I am a professional fashion designer from Mumbai. I have extensively designed apparel for leading brands all around the globe. My twenty-one years of professional experience also played a pivotal role in inculcating me to be an artist. Though I am a self-taught artist, I firmly believe that I was nurtured and designed to be by the Omnipotent.

Artist Statement

Magic happens!! With every breath, we inhale in our lifetime. The respiration process, undoubtedly scientific yet, is extremely spiritual. The thought continued to fascinate me for years. I ruminate over it for a long time; intrigued by the beautiful creation designed and created by the mysterious Creator. All doubts, gradually,with experience settled down; unraveling a beautiful path gleaming towards the divine light. It simply can’t be described in words. Eventually, The mystical experience inspired me to be an artist. My Creative professional background along with divine blessings enabled me in developing a creative artistic thought process with which I can portray the cryptic phenomena: human mind, body, soul, and Universe, on the canvas. My Major Artworks highlight the myriad stratum of the cosmic world. It also showcases divine light showering her blessings to the entire universe.
I believe I don’t paint but meditate along with colors, brushes, and canvases. Such is the ecstasy that I derive from painting.
I aspire to make pieces of art that bring joy to everyone who sees them. Despite being different in color, sex, nationality yet all of us are beautifully connected and knitted with a divine thread. My art pieces mirror them on the canvas.

Selected Works


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