Probably I am rather the “accountant” among the artists. Reliability, punctuality and strategic execution of projects are essential for me.

Even though creativity is the main part of my “job”, my artistic existence is not limited to that. I see myself not only as an artist but also as a creative service provider around the topic of art and I live my job freely and flexibly. So I regularly design merchandising products, create calendars or lead art workshops. This diversity in the pursuit of my artistic activity allows me not only to be creative in the creation of my artwork, but also to diversify my everyday life.

Another very important point for me is to present my art not only to a select circle of art connoisseurs, but also to people who are simply looking for a work of art that appeals to them. I think everyone knows about art, similar to wine – either it appeals or not – you don’t really need to know much more.

Here is some “very private” info about me:

Proud mom of three children. Whereby my big one is already no longer a child and already for some time with its own car through the area darts.I grew up in Germany and live with various interruptions since my childhood in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main.
I love to travel, to discover and to go off the beaten track. Here my camera is always my companion to capture motifs or structures, which I then againrum in my art flow.
I love any form of design, craftsmanship and interior design. Much of my furniture I have built myself and I definitely spend more time in the hardware store than shopping.
I believe in the good in people. Most of the time, this attitude enriches me as I approach people with an open mind and that leads to mutual trust pretty quickly.
I like to get involved with people, laugh with them and be inspired by them.
Part-time hippie, philanthropist, animal lover and always “scurrying around”.

Selected Works


2019, REBEL at PWC Experience Center 

2019, FACADE at Villa Kennedy

2016, WERKSCHAU at Mestamacher

2014, FIRSRT WORLD at King Kamehameha

2011, Longing for love at UFO


No Information Available