Gurgaon, Haryana


About the Artist

An explorer by heart who beholds beauty & art in all that exists. My belief that there’s no end to learning & creativity gets me to experiment more with the simplest and inadvertently found materials. A deeply rooted cultural background reflects in the works that are further supported by contemporary techniques gained from professional education in the field of mixed media & experimental art. My greatest education so far has been my struggle to unlearn what has been learnt academically and learning from the surprises of life instead. I greatly respect and am influenced by Robert Rauschenberg, Jackson Pollock, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol & Jean Michael Basquiat not for just their artworks but for the ingeniousness and the risk-taking abilities that they had to go against the conventional forms of art and express themselves the way that they wanted to thereby create something incredibly and astonishingly appealing.

My artworks are a result of an unplanned experimentation with various found materials like recycled fabrics, threads , wood ,plaster of Paris etc. and mediums that give me the freedom to unearth the unknown thereby, also giving the spectators a chance to feed their own perceptions. I still need to comprehend the meaning of Art since to me it’s everywhere or as per my belief, it’s, creating something out of nothing.

Graduation in Arts in 1997 followed by a diploma in graphic designing from Delhi University, did not fulfil the urge to be innovative in life. That led to a further study in the field of fine arts for 3 yrs from Delhi Collage of Arts in 2010 followed by a study in the field of mixed media from central Saint Martins, UAL, London 2013 and Documentary film making from IMI,Pune in 2016.

Selected Works


2015 – London Art Biennale, London
2015 – ‘Celebrations’ vision art gallery, Delhi
2013 – ‘Tenacity’ Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi, 2013
2014 ,2013,12- Annual Charity Ball Spanish Embassy, Delhi 2013 – STROKES ,
2013 – Art Life Gallery, Noida
84TH Annual Exhibition AIFACS, Delhi,
2011 – Final Display of Mixed Media, Central Saint Martins, London
2014 – International Selection Committee for X Florance Binnael 2015



‘Special mention for excellence at the London Art Biennale 2015