Confluence- Celebrating India- Bangladesh Printmaking on view
22nd January to 31st January 2020 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Making a beautiful visual connect between cultures across countries and erasing the idea of a border, the show ‘Confluence’ at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

The word confluence denotes a meeting of sorts – that is, the meeting of ideas, people, cultures, rivers and even artistic mediums. In this case, the confluence spans across two sides- Bangladesh and India – that have seen much history and art develop over time.

Organized by The Art Route gallery (within the India Habitat Centre), the combination of two incredibly vibrant cultures is quite palpable through their selection of work. The medium itself is quite ancient and has a myriad techniques that can be played and manipulated with. Co- curator Lubna Sen stated that – ‘…Confluence was born out of this mission to create something more collectively for printmaking, to promote a deeper appreciation amongst the collectors, to extend its scope and to reach out to more people at the same time.’

Ranging from monochromatic works to intricate woodcuts, the images are a testament of skill, experience and artistic depth. The works of Ajit Seal are almost painterly, taking on a soft light and organic gesture within the forms. The composition plays between the boundaries of looking like a painting and being executed as a print, toying with the idea of the mediums and combining them through expertise.

Selected Works