Zoya singh

Delhi, India

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About the Artist

Zoya Singh is a multidisciplinary self-taught artist who went to regents business school, London and eventually dropped out to seek an alternative path. I always felt creativity to be my highest calling and used it to express myself. I am passionate about nature, writing, fantasy, science, spirituality, plants and history. Often use these mediums to express and create.
My art is an expression and way of connecting with myself and the viewers. It is as much as about me as it is about them and the feeling, the imagination it invokes.
My art is intuitive and healing comes from my spiritual practices. I feel creativity is an act of god but for that, you must surrender and get out of your own way.
Some of my art is formless with no shape and no meaning because the dreamer in me wants you to dream, feel and create your version.
Your infinite vision.

Everything you see is real like everything you feel is real. 

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